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Inverter Ac Vs Normal Ac: Which One to Buy?

ately, we have been hearing more about inverter air conditioners but not many people have knowledge about the basic difference between a normal AC and inverter AC. The rising tariff of electricity has established a notion that purchasing air conditioners will cause a further shoot in the electricity bill. Therefore, people are interested to buy air conditioners only if it consumes less electricity while delivering extraordinary cooling performance.

People are often sceptical while purchasing an AC because of the versatile options available in the market. But what’s more important is choosing between the two main technologies – inverter and non inverter/ normal air conditioner. Both these systems offer similar features but are different in terms of the type of compressor motor they host.

In an air conditioner, the compressor is the unit, which compresses the refrigerant into liquid and then shuts off and allows it to expand. After this process, the refrigerant begins to cool and delivers the cooling effect. Now when both kinds of air conditioners are aimed at providing the desired cooling effect, then here are some vital facts that will enlighten you to understand the basic difference between inverter and normal AC and will make your purchase process easier:

  1. SPEED

The inverter air conditioner is known for its superior and sophisticated technology because it comprises of a compressor that runs at a variable speed. This modern technology is quite complex to understand but the crux of this variable speed is that instead of letting the compressor run continuously at full power, it controls the operation of the compressor in a way that the temperature gets regulated.

On the other hand, the normal air conditioners available in the markets come equipped with compressor that runs at a fixed speed, which implies that the compressor is either fully controlled or not at all controlled. A constant amount of energy is delivered to the compressor that causes it to run at a fixed speed. The temperature is therefore controlled when the unit is switched on and off.

  1. Energy Efficiency

When it comes to saving energy consumption, then inverter ACs have no competition. The A graded energy economic operation method in the inverter models automates the cooling and heating in an energy efficient manner owing to the inclusion of a sensor that adjusts the power according to the current temperature. This implies that when the heat load varies during different seasons or in different rooms, the inverter air conditioner works best in managing the energy consumption.  However, this is definitely not applicable in case of non inverter air conditioners as regular air conditioners work in a fixed manner.

  1. Noise

Another reason to buy an inverter AC is that they are quieter in operation. This is because they don’t automatically turn on and off when they reach certain temperature limits. In fact, these air conditioners constantly work along to maintain the room temperature and this is why they require less power to regulate the temperature in comparison to normal ACs. This also explains the reason why the inverter ACs depreciate less faster than the normal ones.

On the other hand, the continuous on and off process, makes the appliance work harder, which also results in increase in noise. Also, the process of wear and tear is faster in case of non inverter ACs, owing to which it may burden you with heavy maintenance costs.

  1. Cost Economy

Being a part of the latest generation of air conditioners, the inverter ACs are expensive but when you derive benefit in the form of less electricity bills, low maintenance costs and exemplary performance, they are in fact, a long term investment. Normal ACs are less costly but their installation charges may be higher.



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